Monday, 6 October 2008


Well after a pretty spectacular hard drive failure we've managed to lose the old version of the site and the server it was sitting on. So for now we're moving operations to blogspot/blogger so please bear with us while I get the site tarted up a little and also teach the old man how to login and post on this new system.

Normal service will resume shortly... salvagers honour!



Cadmonster said...

Well! What a spectacular way to get rid of Vista! Will you post the shattered hard drive to Bill Gates now? Will be great to read & catch up on your dad's witty & always interesting account of his everyday life in the Vosges when you get the new site up & running. Best wishes & success!

unclewilco said...

look foward to reading Rico very soon.. as my sheddies are asking where is he!

vacman said...

Been wondering what happened.
There are still some diehard salvager fans lurking waiting for further adventures of your classic french lifestyle.
best wishes Geoff Bailey

nostalgicric said...

We want Rico!!! We want Rico!!! best wishes mate.

gazza232 said...

good to see rico's doing well in life. knew him many years ago drinking in the old towngate theatre bar[happy days] allways an interesting and intelligent dude with incredible anecdotes of his past. i once lost my temper with him once, making meself look a complete ass. i went to the pub toilets expecting rico to come in and give me a 'slap'. he did come in, and amazingly put out his hand to shake mine saying '' no ones ever spoken to me like that before, i respect you for it'' an arrogant young mans first taste of humility, and ive never forgoten it.ta rico, ive used that tact a few times in life and has helped me understand people better. all the best to you mate.

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