Monday, 10 November 2008


Sorry this site seems down for so long ,but I was ,frankly ,depressed about losing all the stuff I'd written .Luckily ,one of you guys had the site saved so with any luck I can get the thing back up. There are some articles written by me available in the current and last three issues of Brit Chopper if you can find it. A search on the Brit Chopper website should give all the info needed to get hold of a copy . . Tell em i sent you .Believe me I wouldn't write for it if it wasn't a cracking mag. I am working on what i think is a worthy outline for a new show that I hope will wring a bit of production cash out of some unsuspecting tv company but that remains to be seen. Everyones getting careful with their cash. Still fingers crossed and do keep those emails coming. I try to answer them all. Home again this week. Cant wait to get a decent noiseless nights sleep. See you guys

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David C said...

Hi Rico...
what a Talent you wife and I like your programme immensely and wonder if you have another series on the Horizon? Take care & keep well!

David & Eleanor!!

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