Monday, 19 October 2009

competition: Win a signed Salvager minicard

Hi everyone, Son of Salvager here.

I was attending the premiere screening of the Dr Feelgood music bio-pic Oil City Confidential (A fantastic new film by Julien Temple featuring a cameo by the Salvager himself) with Rico last friday and when his back was turned his moustache slipped me a hastily scrawled note pleading for my help.

Apparently Rico's been giving his moustache short-shrift lately whenever they're out of the public eye, subjecting it to regular soup drenchings and keeping it locked inside his jeep during the hot summer months whilst Rico galavants round boot fairs and scrap yards all day long (ok so he cracks the window a little but still...).

Well his Tache has had enough of playing second fiddle all the time and is convinced that it's really him that the people love and not in fact Rico, so he asked me to help him sign up an account on twitter so he can find out just how much you guys love him by posting any rumours you might have heard about him. he even promised to send some of the best replies one of the signed minicards he nicked out of Rico's pocket the other day.

To show Rico's Tache just how much you think of him go to and follow his account then post up any rumours you might have heard about him. like this...

"I heard @RicosTache turned down the original role for Burt Reynolds moustache in Magnum P.I."
You can post as many as you like and there's no real closing date for this. Winners will be picked sporadically. no cash or scrap alternative to the prize. winners will be contacted for their address. The cost of coach bolts may go down as well as up.

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